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Tue 11 Nov 2008 in 50,6:
50.6468071, 6.1389912

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Two month had passed since my last geohash, either was I occupied or the geohash wasn't accessible either by bike nor by public transportation. Finally a geohash seemed to be near Aachen and I had time, so I mounted my bike and went on the way.

I calculated 20 kilometers (only small mistake) on a not-too-hilly track (big mistake), guessed there'd be nice weather (didn't check the wind, huge mistake) and interpreted the google earth readings as nice ways in the woods (which turned out to be shooting areas for the hunters). After pedaling some 25 kilometers and crossing the German-Belgian border various times I reached the nearest path through the woods to get in. Well it proved to be... muddy. Having forgotten my compass I stumbled through the wood paths for nearly an hour until I got to a point where it was neccesary to get into the woods. There were some tiny rivers and a very dense vegetation; they put both my jacket and my boots to a test. Which neither passed.

Finally I reached the geohash at 4 pm - I thought I'd be there at three. I tried to make photos of something spectacular but as you see there wasn't much. I didn't bother to wait for other geohashers, there wasn't a nice picknick spot near and it was getting dark, thus only complete idiots would come. Oh, wait, err...

Added excitement was added to this geohash by the region - I now know why it's called the "high Venn". Another thrill was the sign saying "hunting between 4:30pm and 10 pm" (see photos) which gave me a good reason to hurry a bit; not to mention the sign "Take care of the animals" which definetly lived there - one could easily see their tracks.

Well, it was fun again, I'm enjoying my regeneration break.

kriechstrom earned the Border geohash achievement
by crossing the Germany-Belgium border on 2008-11-11 to reach the (50, 6) geohash.

--Kriechstrom 16:20, 12. November 2008 (UTC)

hunting area take care of the animals Cute rivers, wet feet the proof the location no horses, no bikes, no people whatsoever, no dogs - they didn't mention geohashers did I mention the mud? border crossing proof