Eindhoven, Netherlands

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This graticule (51,5) encompasses Eindhoven, (nearly all of) Tilburg, Den Bosch, Nijmegen, some of Arnhem, Weert, and a lot of Belgium (Everything between Mol and Dutch Limburg). For discussions on meetings, see the talk page.

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

73.65%	Fields
12.75%	Forests
6.34%	Settlements
3.45%	Highways
1.63%	Roads
1.22%	Water
0.96%	Natural reserves


(Active?) Geohashers in this area include:

  • Nazgjunk, lives in Tilburg
  • Sordorel, lives in schijndel
  • Jelmie, lives in Zaltbommel
  • Paul, lives in Geldrop
  • H.M.Thunder, lives in Tilburg
  • Pepz, lives in TIlburg
  • Georgina, lives in Sydney, Australia and is visiting for March/April 2012
  • GoPiTM, lives in Retie
  • Eupeodes, lives in Wageningen and is lazy so also does hashes in 52,5 if these are closer to home.
  • Wythnir, lives in Eindhoven
  • Xaa, lives in Eindhoven

The Haps[edit]

2008-06-12_51_5 by Jelmie
2009-03-11_51_5 - speedracer by relet
2009-05-02_51_5 by Joris
2009-11-03_51_5 by NeThuS
2009-11-13_51_5 by NeThuS
2013-04-28_51_5 by Wythnir