2008-09-13 50 6

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Sat 13 Sep 2008 in 50,6:
50.9503779, 6.9611570

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People coming at 4pm: Trian, Kriechstrom

People who showed up late and met up with the people above: Kliment

We met up and had a ton of fun and sushi!

Kliment earned the Abduction achievement
by abducting Trian and Kriechstrom from the (50, 6) geohash on 2008-09-13.

Kriechstrom's report: The geohash for the 50N 6E graticule in 2008-09-13 was located in a small park in the centre of Cologne, Germany. I was there at 4pm and noticed somebody suspiciously watching me when I was suspiciously waving around my GPS like Lt. Riker with his tricorder. It turned out to be Trian. Some minutes later even moar internet arrived: Kliment joined in. After we met up there we noticed that the hash was right inside a lake that looked like the shadow of a tree on Google Earth. Holding the GPS-device with a stretched arm over the water did the thing. Kliment even had the possibility to show his PDA-bag is nearly waterproof. After some chatting he offered to go to his place to have some food and so we decided to - geohashing is adventure + meeting people, ain't it?

So we went to his place, having some _very_ nice sushi, self-made-yoghurt and a chat about various topics about swords and xkcd, raptors are scheduled for the next meeting. We made up some sketches for a abduction-acheivement though I voted for calling it hospitality-award. Thanks again Kliment for being such a friendly host. I definetly enjoyed it! --Kriechstrom 21:06, 13 September 2008 (UTC)

geohashing ducks the proof Trian geotagging This place is geotagged. Kriechstrom What are those cookies doing here? Kliment dunked his gps. image #1 image #1 image #1 image #1 image #1 This is a SHARP knife! tasty! The spot The people The people Cookies! The mark