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Sat 9 Jul 2011 in 50,6:
50.8280813, 6.3211713

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The Hash seems to be in the garden of a house in a small town near Aachen and close to a coal-burning power plant.


  • TFTD and a friend I dragged along.


After finally having time, a not to bad weather forecast and myself not forgetting, I checked if there were any Hashes reachable on the weekend. To my surprise this one was in biking distance and was close to a train station, so I had actually 2 choices. Because the Sunday hash in the Graticule to the west was also in biking distance I asked a friend if he wanted to take a small trip out of town on Saturday. Because he has no bike we planed for the train and walking the rest and reach the Hash at about 15:45.


As planned my friend boarded a train close to his home, which I entered in Aachen main station. Reaching the destination we entered the coordinates into his phone and started walking. As expected the Hash seemed to be inside a garden and the hedge to sick and high to get any stupid ideas. And the sign on the door that warned of a dog helped that also. Since it didn't seem like anybody was home, we also didn't have to think about freaking out strangers by asking if we can go into their garden for a minute.

So counting in the tolerance of the device we called it a success and took a couple photos. We didn't expect any other Geohashers and the weather seemed to get worse so we decided to make our way back. Quick, unspectacular, reached.




Do we get any?

  • Land geohash!
  • And a dragalong for your friend - Mampfred 17:03, 9 March 2012 (EST)