2013-09-29 50 6

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Sun 29 Sep 2013 in 50,6:
50.7815022, 6.3090355

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Near the small village Hamich next to Langerwehe



I'll try to arrive at the hash at around 19.30 local time.


I somehow managed to convince my friend "Vusd" to tag along. Luckily he had a car available and we hadn't to go by bike. It took us like 20 Minutes to get about 500m close to the hash and park the car. From there on we wandered into the hills of Hamich onto a cow paddock. With the cows pretty far away we were able to reach the hash coordinates savely without even noticing it. Instead we thought the hash was on the other side of a small ditch and crossed it. On the other side we found that there was a small island in the ditch and climbed onto that. There we finally realised we had passed the hash already and went back to the middle of the paddock and took proof. Ill put up photos as soon as I receive them from Vusd :D