2011-01-12 50 6

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Wed 12 Jan 2011 in 50,6:
50.3154298, 6.0136620

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In a forest near Viesalm, Not too far from my route of Willstät - Leuven




pull over at the right spot / picture / leave


Instead of taking the usual way from Willstät to Leuven via Strasbourg - Metz - Luxembourg (and thus crossing the German-French, French-Luxembourg and Luxembourg-Belgian borders) I had to relocate the route over Saarbrücken, E422, E42 - Luik/liège/Lüttich, so I crossed the French/German and German/Belgian borders instead. Finally a border geohash for me, and strangely enough for a hash in my home country.

An extra advantage of this detour was that it led me to Germany not via a highway, but via some small roads and towns instead. Complete with restaurants and everything! The border itself was not indicated, but when I passed the 2nd restaurant named 'La Frontiere' I knew I must had passed it and celebrated my border geohash with a pizza frontiere for dinner.

I think this was the 2nd time I took this route back home, and just like the previous time the weather was bad: fog and rain at the same time. But no traffic at all.

5 km after exiting the highway I drove my car 5 meters into a small forest-road some 350 meters of the hash. I changed clothes and shoes, grabbed my headlamp and GPS, and wandered off in the complete dark, only surrounded by the sound of rain falling on and dropping of the trees. It was too wet to take the SLR along, and too dark to take pictures with my cellphone, but I tried nevertheless.


2011-01-12 50 6-tracklog.jpg



NeThuS earned the Border geohash achievement
by crossing the France-German and German-Belgian border on 2011-01-12 to reach the (50, 6) geohash.