Snoqualmie, Washington

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Today's Location: [Snoqualmie, Washington]

The Snoqualmie, Washington graticule is at latitude 47, longitude -121. There are two mountain passes and countless ski areas in this graticule, which is nearly all land. The TV towns of Twin Peaks (Snoqualmie) and Northern Exposure's Cicely (Roslyn) are here, along with the easternmost towns of the Seattle/Bellevue area.


Most recent (and future) geohashes on top, Saturday meetups in bold.

2017-07-04 47 -121 -- A back road in Stillwater

2017-03-25 47 -121 -- A car park in Preston

2016-08-24 47 -121 -- An alley in Snoqualmie Ridge

2016-01-17 47 -121 -- Alongside the Raging River between Preston and Fall City (failed)

2012-05-26 47 -121 -- Mouseover day up a creek from a road outside of Monroe

2012-05-05 47 -121 -- Near Lake Bronson, north of Sultan. No expedition - planning failure

2012-04-07 47 -121 -- Michael5000 endures some hardship in the woods southeast of Enumclaw. Expedition Success!

2012-03-27 47 -121 -- A couple km from Crystal Springs Camp along I-90

2012-01-28 47 -121 -- Just off the ridge poking north from West Tiger Mountain #3 (failure)

2010-08-01 47 -121 --

2008-10-24 47 -121 -- In the middle of east-bound I-90, one mile before exit 31 to North Bend.

2008-10-13 47 -121 -- South of Lake Joy, near Carnation and Duvall.

2008-09-12 47 -121 -- Just behind the transfer station off of Cedar Falls Rd.

2008-08-08 47 -121 -- Near Carnation and Horseshoe Lake.

2008-07-06 47 -121 -- Near Carnation. Reached by Robyn and Wade.

2008-06-24 47 -121 -- Near Gold Bar, right off Highway 2, but a little further from Zeke's.

2008-06-19 47 -121 -- Near Gold Bar, right off Highway 2, and not far from Zeke's.

2008-06-15 47 -121 -- Just north of I-90 at the 436th street exit

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Thomcat drives through the passes frequently enough.
  • Drewloid lives near Duvall and nearer to the the border between the Seattle and Snoqualmie graticules.
  • Eehk lives right on the border between this and the Seattle graticules.
  • HarlequinsDad lives toward the east edge of the Seattle, Washington graticule and is always looking for nearby hashes along the western edge of the Snoqualmie graticule.
  • Narfy lives in Issaquah, close to the Snoqualamie graticule and is often in the area.
  • geekxx Lives in Issaquah and wants to do aerial hashes.
  • Basil lives between Fall City and Snoqualmie, learned about geohashing in the week before Nov 1, 2013, and thinks this all sounds rather interesting.