2012-08-19 48 -122

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Sun 19 Aug 2012 in Bellingham:
48.2624920, -122.0300963

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Farmer's land near Arlington




We knew we wanted to try and get to a hash leaving Ballard at 5. Opted for the one near Arlington because that's where Todd grew up. We were a little concerned about how close to someone's house the point was though. Especially on a Sunday evening.


  • Geohash achieved! First non-seattle hash. Had to make like a tree when the farmer's dog started barking but totally made it :D -- P4r4digm @48.2350,-122.0672 19:14, 19 August 2012 (PDT)

Drove out to Arlington. I don't think I've ever been further north than Marysville in Washington. It was a fun and relaxing drive blasting punk gypsy rock. Arrived at the turnoff for the road leading to the point and saw a sign for fresh blueberries. A bit further down the road was a follow-up sign saying that the blueberry shop was closed.

We opted to park the car on the side of the entrance to the farm area (1500 feet from the mark) figuring that we may look less threatening if we were strolling along perhaps on a walk. The mark was in the trees a bit so we found a place where someone had clearly trampled a makeshift path through the brush. Ahead of us, in the field, was the mark. We made sure to sneak out and tag it but then a dog started barking so we retreated to the trees before snapping a proof picture.

As we were leaving, a farmer left his house and started walking toward us. We continued our exit calmly but kept asking "is he still behind us? is he still behind us?" When we finally looked back he was closing the gate to his property and we breathed a sigh of relief. Not that farmers are scary but...farmers are scary!