2008-11-25 48 -122

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Tue 25 Nov 2008 in Bellingham:
48.0678353, -122.1784239

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Marysville, not far from downtown, near the railroad tracks. Hopefully on the right side ;)




Just a short trip to the barber today, oh and a stop at the library. Heck, why not throw in a few more miles and make a geohash? I missed the proper driveway at first and turned into an apartment complex - missed it by 12 meters, give or take a few. So next we pulled out and tried again from the road, coming to a house, vacant and "for lease." My son described it as a haunted house immediately.

The GPS seemed to indicate that the hash was inside the house, but it wasn't receiving all satellites. After examining the satellite photo, I am sure we walked right over the spot, and our GPS reading of 5m is also close enough for government work.

Following the hash, the haircut! A lot more than 2 bits, though - closer to 128 bits. For just me. He got a kids discount, and a lesson on how to flip his hair. Should drive the girls wild.

Finally, a stop at a local hamburger joint and then south again. Success!

Three in a row, and now I'm really kicking myself for missing Saturday's hash.