2008-10-25 48 -122

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Sat 25 Oct 2008 in Bellingham:
48.2121877, -122.3687231

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At the end of Boe Rd., just a couple miles south of Stanwood, near the mouth of the Stillaguamish River. The land is part of the Port Susan wildlife sanctuary.



Harlequin and I made the drive up from the Seattle graticule on a lovely, sunny afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised that the public part of Boe Rd. actually went all the way west (it was hard to gauge from the maps). I thought that the photo looked suspiciously like one that we had seen for Vashon Island (which was taken at low tide) and where we were thwarted by a high tide covering the actual point. This time we came equipped with an inflatable raft. In this case, the big surprise was that the point was about 300 yards away - literally in the tules - chest-high swamp grasses and cat-tails over muddy, swampy ground. Mother Nature wins!