2011-07-19 48 -122

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Tue 19 Jul 2011 in 48,-122:
48.2848191, -122.3209582

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On a road near Lake Ketchum, not far of I-5.




Headed to Vancouver B.C. for a training session in Pragmatic Marketing, I might as well stop for a geohash. I also added appropriate notes in the Vancouver and Robyn pages, just in case a good point shows up this week. Today ain't it.

The hash point is right in the middle of the road, per satellite photo. A durn heck of a lot of trees keep the GPS from resolving, despite driving backwards and forwards over the spot a few times. I'm still calling it a success!

I then had to turn around, so backed into the driveway of this round house - which is very visible on the satellite photo as well. Cool!