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2008-08-27 48 -122

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Wed 27 Aug 2008 in Bellingham:
48.0265997, -122.1961107

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[edit] About

The geohash is on Smith Island, between Steamboat Slough and the Snohomish River. There seems to be a narrow road or path running just west of the point.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expeditions

[edit] Thomcat

I had to wend my way through construction vehicles loading and unloading dirt, gravel, and cement. Eventually I reached a causeway and parked to walk.

I set my sights on the large mound of dirt visible from the causeway. I crossed the cattails and a small wet ditch, somehow managing to stay dry, and eventually reached the point. My GPS needs a little calibration, apparently - I sure didn't feel like I was 11.3 feet below sea level.

Making my way back out of the site, I was stopped by a train. This gave me a few minutes to sit and contemplate a geohash gone well, and quite possibly the first successful land hash in this graticule. My research continues...