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2010-08-02 48 -122

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Mon 2 Aug 2010 in 48,-122:
48.9089887, -122.7134771

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[edit] Location

Near Birch Bay in an overgrown field.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

  • Wenslayer: Since it was my birthday, and essentially a stone's throw away from the freeway upon which I would be driving, I figured I ought to at least try, despite the satellite maps showing it in the middle of undeveloped property.

[edit] Expedition

We spent the weekend down in Seattle with friends, doing a little training for our upcoming Whistler Gran Fondo. As Monday was a holiday in BC (as well as my birthday, albeit a coincidence), we figured we'd drive back home this day, and take a small detour to attempt the Geohash.

I memorized the easy directions from the freeway, and made our way to a spot on the road closest to the Geohash. All along that road, the undeveloped property was a mess of overgrown brush, with blackberry bushes comprising the bulk of vegetation near the road. Not seeing any easy break in the vegetation to get close to the point, I found a small driveway that took me the closest way there, but in the end, I was stymied by Mother Nature.

Took a couple pics, jumped back in the car and continued on home.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

So close to a Birthday Geohash; 316m close to be exact.