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Today's location: Santa Ana, California

The Santa Ana graticule is at latitude 33, longitude -117. This area encompasses southern Orange County, Riverside, and North County San Diego. The graticule is approximately 20% ocean, and contains the large military base Camp Pendleton, which is mostly inaccessible to civilians.

Current Events[edit]

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Map of today's location.

PDF poster for today's location. (More information at User:Crox/Poster.)

Active Participants[edit]

  • Mathgeek lives in the San Diego graticule but geohashes in this one when the hash is at the south eastern corner of the graticule.
  • LucasBrown lives in the San Diego graticule but tends to geohash in this one.
  • MarkTraceur is at the University of Redlands and will be invading the immediately southern graticule from time to time.
  • Hoozer in Placentia/Fullerton area with car and GPS.
  • Thames from Newport Beach here. Hoping to make it to the Saturday meetup. Looking forward to it! --User:CAcationu2
  • Stephen Cerruti lives in Oceanside and geohashes regionally when possible.
  • RedHatter resides in the Vista area, and is unlikely to geohash if the mark is more than a half hour away.
  • Sten Vesterli is a tourist passing by occasionally.
  • Jason Anderson lives in Oceanside and is plotting his return to geohashing.

Notable Events[edit]

  • Virgin graticule and first San Diego County coordinates reached
mooseydoom and Kristi earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (33, -117) graticule, here, on 2008-05-31.
  • First Orange County coordinates reached
Kitsune2049 earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -117) geohash on 2008-06-06.
  • First Riverside County coordinates reached
Stephen Cerruti earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -117) geohash on 2012-04-26.
  • First Reverse regional achievement
  • First Water geohash
  • Largest Meetup


This list is maintained by AperfectBot. If your expedition doesn't appear immediately, be patient (or read this). See also Meetup in 33 -117.

Date Participants Description Result
Arrow2.png 2017-08-08 Stephen Cerruti On Rancho del Oro Boulevard just north of Oceanside Boulevard in Oceanside,... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-09-21 Stephen Cerruti Rancho del Oro, Oceanside Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2016-08-31 Stephen Cerruti Easily accessible sidewalk in Carlsbad near the intersection of Carlsbad Vi... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2015-03-19 Stephen Cerruti Residential neighborhood on the southeast corner of Palomar Airport Road an... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-11-08 St. Oopid Parking lot in an industrial complex, Irvine CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-09-27 St. Oopid Athletic field at Saint Jeanne de Lestonnac school, Tustin CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-07-12 St. Oopid In a residential neighborhood across the freeway from Santa Ana MainPlace m... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-06-21 St. Oopid Right near some railroad tracks in Fullerton, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-30 LucasBrown A sidewalk on Triton Street, Carlsbad, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-18 lucasbrown A hillside next to a road in Oceanside, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2014-05-17 LucasBrown A backyard in Sun City, CA Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2014-04-27 JesseW Next to the Enciniatas Ranch Golf Course, north of Leucadia Blvd. Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2014-01-02 Bravissimo594, addicakes, Boppy5 Roadside at a residential intersection in Chino Hills. Santa Ana graticule.... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2013-12-26 Inside someone's garage in Rubidoux, near Riverside. Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2013-12-25 his sister, LucasBrown On the northeast side of Bernardo Mountain, just downhill from the Bernardo... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-12-18 LucasBrown A sunflower field in Oceanside, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-11-24 LucasBrown A partially-developed lot between Menifee and Hemet, CA. The developers se... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-11-16 LucasBrown In a rocky dirt field in Menifee, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-11-09 LucasBrown A hillside just west of Daley Ranch, Escondido, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-10-06 LucasBrown A steep hillside off Palomar Drive in Fallbrook, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-09-01 Stephen Cerruti On a street in a gated community of the Ivey Ranch subdivision of Oceanside... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-08-24 LucasBrown A tree with a plate fungus off Calle de Cherie in Encinitas, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-08-08 LucasBrown In a fenced-in yard off Valladares Drive in Westwood, San Diego, CA Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-07-23 LucasBrown In a Dutch-themed gated community (with a permanently-open gate) in Escondi... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2013-07-20 Sten Vesterli San Marcos near Discovery Lake in some brush between a paved trail and an e... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2013-07-15 LucasBrown, Todd Sheaman On a short walking trail (really just a power line access road in disguise)... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-06-30 RedHatter, Stephen Cerruti In the middle of Avenida de la Plata, just off Mesa Drive, in the Rancho de... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-04-21 LucasBrown Just southwest of Lake Elsinore Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2013-03-08 LucasBrown Atop a ridge off Old Coach Road in Poway, CA Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2013-02-20 LucasBrown 563 meters west-southwest of the 2012-06-27 hashpoint Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2012-12-31 LucasBrown About 60 meters off the road near Lake Wohlford Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2012-12-21 Stephen Cerruti, sons San Clemente Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-12-17 LucasBrown West Citracado Parkway, between I-15 and Miller Avenue, Escondido, CA Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2012-12-12 LucasBrown On a hillside west of College Boulevard, east of Masterpiece Drive, south o... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-10-26 LucasBrown In a triangular sward off Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, CA Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-10-25 Mathgeek Somewhere in Southern California Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2012-10-17 LucasBrown, Mathgeek Looks like a good one for San Diego GeoHashers since ours is once again flo... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-09-28 Stephen Cerruti, a', LucasBrown In a field near Carlsbad State Beach. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-09-27 LucasBrown A parking lot in Fullerton Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-08-27 LucasBrown In the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2012-07-30 Stephen Cerruti, Mitch Carroll In Bub Williamson park in Vista near Emerald and the 78. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-07-16 LucasBrown Just barely in somebody's fenced-in backyard off Cantle Lane in Rancho Sant... Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-06-27 LucasBrown Near the Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, amid dense brush Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow4.png 2012-06-20 JesseW Just off Tamarack Rd. about 2 miles from the 5 freeway, just past Pontiac D... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2012-06-16 RedHatter, catherine johnson, carissa johnson, clare johnson In a ditch about 150ft up a hill from the end of Marcasite Place, Carlsbad,... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-05-26 Bishop Wash Behind Daniel's Home Center on Euclid in Anaheim Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-05-21 JesseW Just off Los Ramblas Trail, in Dana Point, about a 10 minute drive off the ... Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2012-05-19 LucasBrown Near I-15 in Wildomar Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-05-15 Stephen Cerruti Carlsbad, inside a house currently for sale at 1366 Cassins St. Thwarted — No public access
Arrow4.png 2012-05-07 Stephen Cerruti, JesseW Inside the harbor at Camp Pendleton, probably swimmable off the beach in fr... Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2012-04-28 LucasBrown In a wooded area north of Fallbrook, off of Sandia Creek Dr.? Thwarted — Mother Nature
Arrow2.png 2012-04-26 Stephen Cerruti Rancho Santa Rosa Historic Area Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2012-04-22 Scerruti, Hijackal Geohash Droid reports the hashpoint to be just outside Palomar Mountain Sta... Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2012-04-09 LucasBrown Somewhere Thwarted
Arrow2.png 2012-03-16 sister along., mother and, LucasBrown in the middle of the pavement of an on-ramp from Old Highway 395 South to I... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-02-08 scerruti In a driveway in Encinitas near my son's school. Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-02-05 scerruti, his son a' This hash is located in a field at the corner of Mount Israel and Detwiler ... Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2012-01-11 Stephen Cerruti, his children who, were unable to opt out. The hash is in the driveway of a nearby home in Oceanside, CA. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2011-08-18 User:Ssslouter Limestone Canyon National Park Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2011-04-17 Bishop Wash Bishop_Wash: My wife and I were driving to Los Angeles for some medic... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2010-12-14 Hoozer A living room near North Lincoln Ave and East Chapman in Fullerton, CA. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-10-02 scerruti , d* The hash is near Fallbrook, CA. It is less than 10km from my home. Thwarted — No public access
Arrow4.png 2010-07-31 Jason Southbound on El Camino Real. Time for Speed Racer Achievement! Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2010-07-11 Jason 4090 Mira Verde Street in Vista, on their back porch. Near the intersection... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2010-07-10 Jason Near corner of Lake Forest Drive and Scientific Way. Succeeded
Arrow4.png 2010-05-22 Rs The hash is 4 kilometers off the coast. Someone suggested an alternate loc... Thwarted
Arrow4.png 2010-05-07 User:CAcationu2 Roof of a house in Huntington Beach Thwarted — No public access
Arrow4.png 2010-02-04 Richard Soderberg In a field near some light residential housing. Thwarted — Technology
Arrow4.png 2008-07-12 User:Eteq A photo was placed in the daily expeditions gallery by User:Eteq, with the caption "... Thwarted — No public access
Arrow2.png 2008-06-06 Kitsune2049 Somewhere Succeeded
Arrow2.png 2008-05-31 kristi, mooseydoom Somewhere Succeeded