2012-07-16 33 -117

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Mon 16 Jul 2012 in 33,-117:
33.0765388, -117.2084135

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Just barely in somebody's fenced-in backyard off Cantle Lane in Rancho Santa Fe. The hashpoint can be reached by stretching an arm over the fence, but foot access to the hashpoint will require the property owner's permission.


At least one other hasher seems to have attempted this hash, but the hasher's identity remains unknown.



LucasBrown's expedition:

The hashpoint is actually in a gated community. To access the community, the hasher waited in the car for someone with the access codes to enter and then tailgated the other vehicle in. The hasher subsequently arrived at the head of a recreational trail just under 100m from the hashpoint; the hasher thereupon walked down the trail to within two meters of the hashpoint only to find that it was on the opposite side of a fence. Holding his GPS over the fence, however, the hasher was able to get the device within its error interval (about 3m) of the hashpoint.


Photos from LucasBrown's expedition:


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