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Baja Globalhash?[edit]

Tomorrow's global hash point is a beautiful spot on the Pacific coast of Baja California, that looks to be only a few hours south of the border... check at You guys should go if you have time! -- OtherJack (talk) 14:04, 23 September 2016 (UTC)

Expedition List[edit]

I am automating the list of expeditions, once it is correct I will remove the manually added ones. I seriously doubt this graticule will ever be so active as to need a separate page for expeditions, but that will be easy enough when the time comes. This page could also use a notable events section. -Stephen Cerruti 14:39, 8 May 2012 (EDT)

Active Users[edit]

I plan on cleaning up the active users. I am thinking that I will move inactive users to a separate page and if necessary create a separate list of "Notable Users". I will use contribution dates to decide Active/Inactive, but I believe that with the exception of LucasBrown all of these users are inactive. Regardless I will notify them of the change in hopes that it stirs them from the couch. I would also like to create a section for famous (geohashing wise) visitors who expeditioned in the graticule. - Stephen Cerruti 20:46, 8 May 2012 (EDT)

The following user entries were added by IP address and sufficiently long enough ago to warrant removal:

OK, I live in Anaheim. Sort of disappointed that Santa Ana got the coveted Graticule name, but what could be done about that. Nada! --g
Newport Beach here. -Matt
BF and I in Huntington Beach, and Santa Ana actually makes perfect sense, as it is the county seat for OC and generally considered the most central (presuming we are exiling all those deep-south county weirdos, and we are). -Sarah
Laguna -Sean
Just moved here, living in Lake Forest. I'll try to get to a meet-up, but I don't happen to have a GPS and don't know the area very well, so that might be difficult. But it can be done! -Steve
Carlsbad/Encinitas, but will be moving to Berkeley for school in 3 weeks -Mitchell
Irvine, near UCI. -Alex
Also Irvine, UCI Student. Have a tendency to be very late to meetups I've been to... -Erik
Kelly from Riverside, here. I'm going to try to get my roommate, my cousin, and her husband out to a Saturday geohash soon. But not this weekend cuz it's BLIZZCON! :)

The following users were added by usernames that had no further activity:

I am on my way back to Pendleton - Jeremy User:B0B
I'm in Lake Forest, work in Costa Mesa. I'll try to to get to a meet-up soon. -Joe User:Joeperri
Irvine here. -Mike User:MuToiD MaN
San Diego, but family is in Anaheim, so I'm up here a few weekends a month. -Brett User:Erdrick
Riverside, right next to UCR, planning on going as soon as I get my car - Gary
User:audax is moving back to CA from FL next month.
Jason from Camp Pendleton, going tomorrow! Hope to see someone there. - User:Marine Mustang


This manually entered list of meetups will probably be changed to noteable events once the expedition list below is fully populated.

2012-04-22 33 -117: Mother Nature beat me on Earth Day with Cliffs of Despair near Temecula. Stephen Cerruti
2012-03-16 33 -117: Hashpoint fell in the middle of the paving of a freeway onramp and was accessed by LucasBrown and two drag-alongs.
2012-02-05 33 -117: Hashpoint was found in a lot near Lake Hodges in Escondido. Photos by scerruti.
2011-04-17 33 -117: Hashpoint was inside a power substation. Bishop Wash took a photo of the substation.
2010-12-14 33 -117: Hashpoint fell near N Lincoln Ave and E Chapman Ave in Fullerton, CA. Hoozer found an alley and got close, but any farther and he would have be in front of someone's television.
2010-10-02 33 -117: coordinates fell near Fallbrook but were on private property. Photo taken of spot from fenceline. scerruti
2010-07-31 33 -117: southbound on El Camino Real in Encinitas. Speed Racer Achievement day!! Jason
2010-07-10 33 -117: Near the corner of Lake Forest Drive and Scientific Way (not a joke). Expedition planned for tomorrow.
2008-07-12 33 -117: On the central reservation of I-15. An expedition was made and a photo taken from a nearby bridge, but the exact coordinates were not reached.

Removed from page -- Stephen Cerruti (talk) 14:13, 31 July 2013 (EDT)