2013-06-30 33 -117

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Sun 30 Jun 2013 in 33,-117:
33.2266635, -117.2867590

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In the middle of Avenida de la Plata, just off Mesa Drive, in the Rancho del Oro neighborhood of Oceanside, CA.


RedHatter (talk)

Stephen Cerruti (talk)


This hash is ideal for a drive-bySpeed Racer or first land geohash achievement. I am hoping to earn the round tripTron and Bicycle Geohash achievements. I will be starting near College and Frazee but I plan to go early to beat the heat. Stephen Cerruti (talk)



Nothing special about this one. Got home from church and noticed the geohash for today was 10 minutes away. I proceeded to jump in the car and plant my marker. Congrats to Scerruti for bicycling and tron achevments. -- RedHatter (talk) @33.2267,-117.2867 3:20ish, 30 June 2013


This hash point appeared to be trivial to meet, this expedition was focused on achieving two goals. It also marked a return to Geohashing following a fairly long hiatus. In addition, this trip marked a return to my bicycle for the first time since fall. I have been struggling with some knee issues so it was to prove interesting.

Bicycling Geohash

The first of my two goals was the Bicycle geohash achievement. The hash was well within distance for my rides last fall so I felt comfortable believing that I could accomplish this. Unfortunately my knees were not on board with the plan and I ended up walking a couple of key hills. However, no other modes of vehicular transportation were used. therefore I feel comfortable claiming this achievement. (Bicycle Geohashes tells me that the whole distance must be on a bike to earn the achievement.) I will post some statistics on the ride once I have edited and parsed the track log. FAILED - did not ride bike whole journey


My second goal was the Tron achievement. This goal may not have been met. There are two separate events that need to be considered. I set out from my home with a mental map of my ride to accomplish the achievement. This involved a hill climb early on that told me I may need to cut one hill off my route. The original route would have taken me from Old Grove, across College to Avenida de la Plata. I knew that I would be better off eliminating the second hill, between Mesa and College on Old Grove, but I also knew that I couldn't go straight on Mesa to Avenida de la Plata without crossing my path later or making a short ride a long one. My map reminded me that I could cut through the YMCA parking lot without risking my small loop. That is where my first event occurred. While in the YMCA parking lot I remembered that there were a couple of Ingress portals that could be flipped. By the time my scanner was up I had passed the first. I circled back to it possibly crossing my path. While at the hash point my GPS was giving a really bad result. Feeling it was better to give up the tron achievement and be certain I reached the point I backtracked and rode through a dead-end neighborhood. I was able to confirm that I had achieved the hash point originally and upon my return to the point achieved a good reading from my GPS. The lesson I learned here is to be patient at the hash point to give the GPS a chance to self correct and to trust the Google Maps representation of the hash point location. FAILED - crossed path for Ingress and at hash point

I continued home from the hash point without incident, it was almost all downhill. Avendia de la Plata has a great overlook spot and after pausing for a photo I managed to reach 30 MPH. A good speed for an old guy like me.

  • Bike Ride: Achieved
  • Hash Point: Achieved
  • Ingress Portals Flipped: 2
  • Stop to Admire View: Achieved
  • Advil and Ice Pack: Achieved
  • Maximum Speed: 30 MPH


Raw Track Log
Track Image 2013-06-30 33 -117.jpg