2011-04-17 33 -117

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Sun 17 Apr 2011 in 33,-117:
33.8287599, -117.2117488

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Bishop_Wash: My wife and I were driving to Los Angeles for some medical appointments. I'd checked the hashes along our route and knew the Long Beach hash was close to our hotel and appeared to be accessible. It was on my to do list when reaching town. Somehow, I missed that this one was close to our route.

We stopped for dinner and I decided to check my wife's Geohash Droid app. I was surprised to discover we were about 8.5 miles from this hash and it might be accessible. The decision was made to give it a try and off we went on a little detour. The coordinates were added to our Nuvi as a via point. It wasn't far off the highway and was quickly reached. We were disappointed to learn the hash was in a substation. A guard was sitting in a truck near the substation, so we didn't do any exploring. We parked on the street west of the hash, took some pictures, and headed to the Long Beach hash and our hotel.