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All locations: .1083323, .6337282
Globalhash: -70.500182822311, 48.142153929517 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery


Expeditions and Plans

Tumut, Australia Joanna Joanna met Psud at the usual meeting place, the Glowing Cube for an attempt...
Christchurch, New Zealand Ecksoh Claims it was in the ocean, but appears to be on land Active Geohasher sho...
Jacksonville, Florida Slackfive Wow, right in the middle of a Florida forest! Bring bug spray.
Tucson, Arizona KarMann Somewhere
Nashville, Tennessee virgletati Pictures will be up when virgletati's laptop is fixed. It was very nice tho...
Mansfield, Ohio Alex, Chris The Mansfield, Ohio geohash for Saturday, July 5, 2008 was in parking lot near the interse...
Boston, Massachusetts Beau, spi Somewhere
Concord, New Hampshire Mr. Pants Mr. Pants attempted this location, but was ultimately unnerved by tardiness...
Rochester, New York danierrr Six people and a snail met up near Brockport.
Madison, Wisconsin Wdminser Somewhere
Portland, Oregon Maggie, Flagtown Coyote, Wil, Jhon sitting in the field, nonchalantly eating marionberry pie.]] , and Maggie t...
Ottawa, Ontario Someone went Field just southeast of Munster Hamlet.
Surrey, British Columbia Queerasmoi, Robyn I reached the point on time along with 3 other hashers and got photos. Then...
Hamburg (West), Germany Wluut coordinates were located within the nature reserve "Lüneburger Heide", so l...
Helsinki, Finland Spaceball Somewhere
Anchorage, Alaska Someone went Somewhere

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