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Flagtown Coyote has completed his largest migratory journey for the year and will now be wintering in Flagstaff, Arizona, which, according to some scholars, may or may not be his native habitat, even if it is too cold and snows a lot. He is happy to have completed his first Geohash when in Portland, and if the poles don't shift too much by the spring of '09 (throwing off his internal navigation systems), will be making a similar journey next year. Lives in a symbiotic relationship with a bicycle distinguished by it's large plastic tub panniers and a bedroll strapped to the bike rack. Flagtown Coyote is an omnivore, feeding predominantly on cheap burritos, wild berries and insects (preferably fried, if at all), soup kitchen grub and refrigerated leftovers. He is shyly outgoing, and reserves the act of describing himself in the third person primarily for situations of parody.