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As intriguing as Geohashing is, I think it would be best (for now) to break it down into it's basic components. If I'm going to wander into the woods by myself, I might as well go somewhere near my house. If you want to meet new and interesting people, let me know and we can play some Dungeons and Dragons, Wii, Magic, or whatever. Trying to do both together seems overly complicated.


Mr. Pants likes exploring

Mr. Pants doesn't like driving

Mr. Pants lives in Dover so Concord, NH, Portland, ME, Boston and Lynn, MA are all possible

Mr. Pants tends to only check Saturday's location

Mr. Pants attempted the 2008-07-05 43 -70 Geohash, but failed.

Mr. Pants succeeded in the 2008-08-02 43 -70 Geohash.

The Couch Potato has an Honorable Mention level category. If there's a barely applicable category, 2008-06-14 39°,-105° is 1.06 miles away from my mom's house.