2008-07-05 45 -122

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Sat 5 Jul 2008 in 45,-122:
45.1489437, -122.9212957

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The view of the field from the road. The actual location is off to the right, 250 metres or so into the field.
The view of some interesting clouds from the location.
Flagtown Coyote sitting in the field, nonchalantly eating marionberry pie.
Wil, and Maggie take their own picture of Flagtown Coyote eating pie.
Wil, Flagtown Coyote, and Maggie striking a pose.
Flagtown Coyote, Wil, and Maggie finally out of the waist (or shoulder) high field.
Wil cleaning the seeds out of his shoe.
This is Jhon. He is from the internet.


Four geohashers showed up: Wil, Flagtown Coyote, Maggie and Jhon. The actual meetup took place in the approximate middle of a field of... umm... plants. Yes, we established that it was definitely plants. None of us knew what exactly was being grown, but it was fairly neat rows of what looked like some sort of grain. Anyway.

It's Oat! -- 05:43, 5 October 2008 (UTC)

Maggie brought an entire pie to the middle of the field and Jhon brought an emergency backup pie in his car. Maggie claims that she somehow failed because she omitted plates from the supplies she brought along, but I submit that having the entire pie there was more than enough win to cancel out any possible amount of failure.

The only extraordinary thing we saw (other than a pie in the middle of the field) was what looked like a one-man aircraft that wafted above the fields around us, but it never actually got close enough for me to get a good look.

Flagtown Coyote had both a slice of pie and an insect. He described it as so small as to be tasteless. (The insect, not the pie.) It was probably an aphid, he figures. His meal was cut tragically short when we started wondering aloud about pesticides.

Afterwards, we followed the suggestion of an anonymous contributor and ate at Mexico Lindo (located at 430 N 1st in Woodburn). I had the tamales, which were good. Jhon said his burrito was delicious, and Flagtown Coyote noted that the signs in the bathroom were all in Spanish.

Anyway, thinking about all of those probable pesticides prompts me to want to go get showered Real Soon Now. Wil 04:35, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

Planning and Coordination Archives[edit]

7/05/2008 - Saturday[edit]

Across I-5, west of Woodburn, about 500 feet into a field off of the many-named St. Louis Rd NE/Arbor Grove Rd NE/Deconinck Rd NE.

This is the most easily accessible official Saturday meetup geohashing location, yet. It's less than a mile from I-5. Hope to see you there!

Wil: A friend and I will be there.

Flagtown Coyote: I'm still a virgin to this, don't quite understand the formula, and have never been to Portland before. But I have a wireless capable laptop, I know how to use google maps, and I enjoy long bike rides, so maybe I'll find you guys!

A good place to meet for food after would be one of the excellent mexican restaurants in the barrio on main street in Woodburn.

EG: MEXICO LINDO 430 N. First Street, Woodburn

Maggie: I have a marionberry pie, and would love to try and track everyone down. This would be my first one! Oh my! I don't have a GPS so I'm not sure how I will find it, but you know. I'll figure it out.

Jhon - Also bringing pie (lemon meringue).