2008-07-05 -35 148

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Sat 5 Jul 2008 in -35,148:
-35.1489437, 148.9212957

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Joanna met Psud at the usual meeting place, the Glowing Cube for an attempt on a Canberra geohash.

We drove towards the hash, taking photos of a funny bumper sticker along the way, and stopping at a country church.

Google maps told us that there was a road that would take us to within 500m of the hash. However, while still about 4km away, we encountered a gate with 3 "No Entry" signs on it. Psud and Joanna took this as a one-way road, so decided they should walk.

We found a donkey, and apologised for not having a carrot or apple for it. The donkey was dissapointed.

Psud found a bridge, and we crossed it. The smallish creek on the map (also known as the Murrumbidgee river) looked rather deep, so we ventured in to see how deep it was. Joanna cut her foot :(

The road was all hills, but it went around some of the worst of the peaks. Joanna noted that one of the bits we didn't have climb resembled the Cliffs of Insanity. After walking along the road lots, we noted that the road departed from the path to the hash by about 90 degrees. So we ventured into the countryside.

We cautiously crossed an electric fence, daring not to touch it (and not having Kieran handy to test it for voltage). The electric fence was there to contain bulls. Four of them followed us for a while. Joanna thought they looked mean. Psud mentioned that bulls always looked like that, they don't express feelings with their faces like humans.

After making it to the hash, and erecting a small stack of stones to mark the point we left, deciding that it was dark so we ought to use the road. Having passed within tens of metres of his house, we met an irate farmer. He was concerned that we may have been stealing his livestock (Psud had no intention of nicking cattle on foot, and carrying it the 4km back to his car).

A short while later, we met a nicer farmer. We saw him again about 15 minutes later. After checking his cattle were ok, he decided to be nice and offer us a lift back to the road, saving us a very long walk.