2008-07-05 32 -110

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Sat 5 Jul 2008 in 32,-110:
32.1489437, -110.9212957

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Today's geohash was just east of the intersection of S. Masterson Ave. and E. Drexel Rd. in South Tucson. It's the first Saturday geohash that I can recall being in the city. I grabbed an Eegee's drink (kind of like a slushy but far superior) and arrived at exactly 3:58 PM. I waited till I was finished my drink at 4:30, but no one showed up. A man walked by, but I'm pretty positive he wasn't a fellow geohasher.

Without a GPS device, I had to rely on Google maps. The spot looked like it was right on the fence of the house by the mailbox. in that space was a fake mallard duck, a bust of a Native American, a somewhat offensive "Lazy Mexican" statue, and a little wagon.

The monsoon clouds to the northeast were amazing and gigantic. A beautiful sight to see in person.

I got a lot of strange looks by the people in passing cars, but I had a fun time. There was an empty lot a few blocks west, but I did not have proper foot attire to safely explore.


Currently, the map above is showing a completely different location for that day's geohash, way over in the southeast corner of the graticule. The 32, -111 geohash is closer to Tucson, but still certainly not at the intersection you described. Any idea how this happened? --KarMann 02:38, 4 November 2008 (UTC)