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The Surrey, BC graticule is at latitude 49, longitude -122. It encompasses the eastern half of Metro Vancouver (including all of the Tri-Cities, New Westminster, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, North Delta, Surrey and Langley; most of Burnaby; and part of North Vancouver), and extends east through the Fraser Valley past Abbotsford.

The northern half of this graticule falls largely within Golden Ears and Garibaldi Provincial Parks.

The graticule is bounded by Whistler to the north, Chilliwack to the east, Bellingham, WA to the south, and Vancouver to the west.

Link to the graticule on the coordinate calculator

Many participants at Surrey geohashes are from Vancouver, so be sure to check both pages if you're visiting the area and looking for a meetup.

There is a mailing list for GVRD geohashers, announcing when group expeditions are being planned. This is recommended for locals who don't check the coordinates every day, but still would like to know when things are happening.

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

69.17%	Fields
25.43%	Natural reserves
4.90%	Water
0.50%	Highways
0.01%	Settlements


  • Alex4Life
  • Arbron - From Vancouver
  • Deba - When I can
  • discoguy77 - From North Vancouver
  • Elbie - Yet another from Vancouver.
  • Fbfree - UBC Alumnus, in Mission for the summer.
  • Gavitron - quite possibly
  • HollyB
  • Jakke
  • Juventas - visits every so often
  • MegaHurtz
  • MistStlkr - Buranbite with a NEXUS pass so Vancouver, Surrey and Bellingham grads are fair game, occasionally Seattle as well
  • Naturalnumber - Occasionally
  • Osmie - from time to time
  • plannedrefusal - Whenever I can make it
  • plypkie - bikeable anything vaguely near a road.
  • Queerasmoi - when this graticule works better than Vancouver's
  • Rex - Home graticule!
  • Rhonda - Also from Vancouver.
  • Robyn - What Queerasmoi and thepiguy said.
  • Straylight - Another Vancouverite.
  • SueB - actually lives in the Surrey Graticule... barely.
  • thepiguy - From Vancouver, but you guys have less water.
  • Toddalert - quite possibly
  • Xore - Displaced Vancouverite.
  • yangman - Actually lives in the graticule, and has done so since middle school
  • MrShmallow - Living in Langley, and hoping to get out there.

Upcoming Dates[edit]

For discussion of upcoming event(s), please use the discussion page or the actual event page(s)!

Transit Links[edit]


Links to all attempted and planned geohashes in this graticule is available at Category:Meetup in 49 -122, but most are listed below.

  • Saturday 2013-01-12 - Bike ride along Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. Sub-zero temps.
Geohashers at the Surrey, BC graticule on May 24, 2008
  • Saturday 2011-04-23 - Ten attendees in a park in central Coquitlam on a sunny day.
  • Wednesday 2011-03-16 - Finally, Vancouver gets back to geohashing.
  • Wednesday 2010-06-02 - Less than 1km off my normal commute. It was rough, let me tell ya...
  • Friday 2010-05-21 - 10km round trip hike on a logging road and then some bushwhacking. Plus cake! 11 Hashers!
  • Saturday 2009-09-12 - Rhonda and Xore thwarted by crazy seadoo operators in Alouette Lake.
  • Tuesday 2009-07-14 - Rhonda, Xore and Robyn climb a mountain and barely escape being locked in for the night.
  • Sunday 2009-07-12 - Fbfree, Rhonda and Xore dared to return to a Langley backyard.
  • Tuesday 2009-07-07 - Elbie & Robyn got yelled at in Langley, in honour of Elbie's birthday.
  • Saturday 2009-06-27 - Fbfree got to within 50 m of the coordnates at a farm.
  • Tuesday 2009-06-23 - Fbfree stopped short of the geohash by private property.
  • Saturday 2009-06-20 - A Lassam appears! Is he a bad enough dude to abduct Elbie, yangman, Xore, and fbfree? (Juventas was too busy to be abducted.)) Yes he is. The blueberry farm geohash is abandoned in favour of board games and ribs.
  • Sunday 2009-06-14 - A back yard porch swing ambassador geohash by Elbie, yangman, plypkie, SueB, Rhonda and Xore.
  • Saturday 2009-04-18 - In formal attire, at the side of Highway-99, visited by Elbie, thepiguy, Robyn and Xore.
  • Monday 2009-04-13 - A public transit ambassador geohash by Robyn and Rhonda.
  • Saturday 2009-03-28 - A scramble through brambles in Kanaka Creek park by Robyn.
  • Friday 2009-03-27 - Easy rainy parking lot geohash by Robyn and Wade.
  • Tuesday 2009-03-17 Robyn stopped by an array of No Trespassing signs, 330 m from the point, in a marsh.
  • Saturday 2009-01-25 Wade and Robyn failed to reach coordinates in a dark, mostly frozen swamp.
  • Friday 2009-01-02 Snowman transit geohash at 70A Ave and 152nd St. by Robyn.
  • Saturday 2008-10-18 - On the grounds of a collections of prisons near the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford. Attempted unsuccessfully by wmcduff.
  • Friday, 2008-09-19 - On talk like a pirate day, near the corner of 79A Ave. & 133A St. in Surrey in a carport; visited by wmcduff with two friends (who wish to remain nameless) in the afternoon, then Robyn and Wade, who met the separately travelling thepiguy at a midnight geohash!
  • Sunday, 2008-09-14 - Juventas and DigitalAngel made it to a forestry lot north of Haney.
  • Saturday, 2008-08-23: In a backyard in White Rock. Visited by Straylight
  • Saturday, 2008-07-05: In an elementary school playground in North Delta. Visited by Queerasmoi, Garyuuko, Jakke, and Jeremy. Visited shortly after by Robyn, by bicycle.
  • Wednesday, 2008-06-04: In a parking lot at the southeast corner of the junction of King George and the Fraser Highway. Visited by Robyn.
  • Saturday, 2008-05-31: The location is between two houses in Abbotsford. thepiguy and srs0 visited and met in a park nearby, with snacks and outdoor games.
  • Saturday, 2008-05-24: First Saturday since geohashing comic. Just off the Trans-Canada in Langley and visited by a good crowd, pictured above.
Geohashers at the Surrey, BC graticule on May 24, 2008

Achievable, But Not Attended[edit]

Wasted opportunities.

  • Saturday 2008-08-30 - In a field behind someone's home on Starr Road in northern Bradner. (Not visited).
  • Wednesday, 2008-07-02: On Burnaby Mountain, right on the SFU campus. Eminently accessible. Queerasmoi and Robyn were in Burnaby watching a concert but didn't go.
  • Monday, 2008-06-09: In White Rock, near the intersection of 20th ave and 156th street. No known visitors.

Notable Dates[edit]

  • Saturday 2011-04-23 - Ten participants set a Surrey record for attendance.
  • Friday, 2008-09-19 - Midnight Pirate Geohash, on Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Saturday, 2008-05-24: First Saturday since geohashing comic, also first meetup for the graticule and a graticule record-setting eight geohashers.
More geohashers at the Surrey, BC graticule on May 24, 2008