2008-08-23 49 -122

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Sat 23 Aug 2008 in 49,-122:
49.0212979, -122.7773962

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Located in a backyard in suburban Whiterock


The plan was to make this "A meetup to remember". Unfortunately I did not run into any other geohashers, but I had a memorable and successful expedition.


Riding the Geohash Fever from my first success earlier in the week, I set out at about 3PM from Kitsilano by car with my camera, GPS, a vague Google Map of the hashpoint and my lovely girlfriend. We powered through traffic and blasted down HWY 99 and by sheer intuition found ourselves on the correct street only a few minutes after the assigned meetup time of 4pm. Upon arriving, we found a quiet double cul-de-sac.

I immediately parked and proceeded to wander around in the classic Geohasher stance , head down with GPS in hand, searching for the point. I managed to get as close as possible without trespassing (3 meters), as the occupants of the house who's backyard the point lay within were nowhere to be found (too bad, as I really wanted to use the "Hi, I'm from the Internet" introduction). My girlfriend was slightly apprehensive at my outwardly strange behavior and started into conversation with a neighbour about what we were up to. Despite it being her first Geohash, she was very effective at explaining what we were up to. They thought it was a neat idea and even invited us into their backyard to see if we could get closer. We couldn't, but introducing the concept of Geohashing to some friendly folks was lots of fun anyway. We hung around about 20 minutes for more hashers, took some more pictures, and left a sign, written on the back of the google map, on a ledge nearby.

I wonder what the occupants of the house would think upon finding a map with their house in the center with XKCD scrawled on it.

Afterwards, we decided to take advantage of both the day's location and nice weather and went down to the beach for gelato and general exploring. As we returned home a while later, we checked to sign to see if anyone else had marked their arrival. no suck luck. All in all a successful hash, exemplifying the fun, daily adventure aspect of Geohashing.

That said, can't wait to hack through some tough terrain, hopefully with other geohashers. See you guys soon!


Images are coming.