2010-06-02 49 -122

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Wed 2 Jun 2010 in 49,-122:
49.2445462, -122.9830223

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[edit] Location

According to Google Maps, the location was "5320-5550 Monarch St, Burnaby, BC V5G 1Z9, Canada". Without a GPS unit I can not get more specific than using this information. My first geohash took me less than a kilometer out of the way from my daily commute. Rough expedition, that. :-D

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Cut out of work early and swing by on the way home while there is still daylight, and hope it isn't in a gated community or something. Also, be thankful I'm not still in the redneck part of the world where taking a photo of someone's home like this might be answered with a shotgun. Hooray Canada!!!!

[edit] Photos

A photo of the house showing the street number and the nearest intersection with time stamps within the same minute.

House at hashpoint  
Nearby interesection