2009-03-27 49 -122

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Fri 27 Mar 2009 in 49,-122:
49.2841518, -122.8275845

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This geohash was in the parking lot of a Port Moody shopping plaza, just off Lougheed Highway.


The plan was to attend the geohash, see a movie at the theatres a few blocks away, spend the night in a hotel, and then attempt the more challenging Saturday geohash the next day.


Robyn travelled here with Wade. Wade drove, because Robyn's driver's licence had expired, and it was too far, cold, wet and rainy for bicycling if Robyn wanted to Wade to stay married to her. Directions were as follows:

"Get on the Barnett Highway."

"I don't know how to do that."

"Me either. Change of plans. Get on the Lougheed Highway going east."

"Is that the same as the Grandview highway?"


"What should I do now?"

"Stay on the Lougheed Highway."

"Highway one, right?"

"No. Stay on the Lougheed Highway. Highway seven."

Robyn's attention wandered until "Hey, why are we in this lane?"

Wade makes a last minute left lane change to get out of the exit lane. "You could have told me earlier."

"I told you earlier to stay on the Lougheed Highway!"

The traffic was slow on the Lougheed, and Wade's desire to escape from it obvious, so Robyn sent Wade left on Gaglardi to join 7A, the Barnet Highway. We turned left at Ioco, overshot the right turn onto Ungless lot, turned around, made the left turn onto Ungless but overshot the parking lot, turned around, and made the turn into the parking lot.

"Turn right here. Park next to that red Honda. No, the other red Honda. The one that's a Mazda."

That put us 4 metres from the geohash, in the ornamental shrubbery separating the parking stalls from the street. We photographed each other in the rain, chalkmarked the geohash and then played Mah Jong on the computer in the car before proceding to phase two of the entertainment: Robyn attempting to give Wade directions to the movie theatre.

It appears that the movie theatre didn't exist anymore, which was kind of odd as Robyn had looked up the showtimes before leaving. Those showtimes corresponded to the films at another nearby movie theatre which we found on the Lougheed Highway while looking for our hotel.