2009-06-27 49 -122

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Sat 27 Jun 2009 in 49,-122:
49.0192602, -122.5136594

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Looks like it's on a farm just north of the BC/Washington border.





I had received a package from MEC the night before, a cone wrench and a cycle computer. I installed the cycle computer and calibrated it Saturday morning and departed around 1:30. I hit a top speed of 69.4 km/h on a hill about 1km along. On the flats with calm winds, I managed up to 28km/h comfortably. I should pay more attention to the road than the spedometer. It took me 1:38min of riding to reach near hashpoint, about 38km, 23km/h average.

At the corner of 10th Ave and 256th St, I found a dying pigeon which a vehicle had just run over. After ascertaining that no raptors were around, I examined the poor bird. With head trauma and what seemed like a broken neck, I went over to the nearest fencepost and put it out of its misery.

The hashpoint was located in the yard of a hobby farm next to the corner. I wandered the neighbourhood and waited until after 4pm to see if any other geohasher would come. There were several cyclists that passed, but no luck. Not wishing to impose the owner who was hanging laundry in her Sunday casual, I left an "The internet was here" sign in addition to a comic [1] at the driveway gate. Along 10Ave, I reached within 50m of the hashpoint.

After climbing the hills in Mission, I checked my speed for the trip, 22km/h averaged including my wandering around the hashpoint. 84.0 km total travelled.