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Phoenix (East Valley) Globe Whiteriver
Casa Grande Tucson Safford
Sasabe Nogales Douglas

Today's location: not yet announced

The Tucson, AZ graticule is at latitude 32, longitude -110. Unfortunately, areas west of I-19 are in the next graticule over. But this graticule contains most of Tucson and the Santa Catalina Mountains, which could make for some interesting hikes!

Today's Location: [Tucson, Arizona]


  • The point for today (March 14, 2012) is inside the AZ State Prison. I feel like that is a very particular type of achievement.
  • The Tucson point for May 21 is inside Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Hmm.
  • May 24 2008: Near Saguaro National Park, looks really easy to get to.
    • its 2.5 miles from the closest road point and at least a mile from the nearest trail. regulations for the park dont allow leaving trails below 4,500 feet
  • Aug 12 2008: The Tucson point is a few miles past Reddington Pass (from Tucson International). EvilTaylor (a student pilot) and his CFI made it out there around 8:15am (local) by means of a C172, and practiced ground reference maneuvers.
  • Nov 02 2008: Sunday's point is in the Vail area, just behind/between the subdivisions behind Cienega High School on Mary Ann Cleveland way. Very well situated for me (KarMann), I might make this one if I can get out of a prior commitment.
    Geohash achieved. I was somewhat late, and it was getting dark (especially down there in that wash), but was able to take some dim pictures. Achieved Land Geohash and Bicycle Geohash achievements.
  • Nov 03 2008: Monday's point is also fairly easy to reach, in an alley between Holly Stravenue & March Place, near the railroad tracks, Palo Verde, & Silverlake Rd. I (KarMann) might go for Consecutive Geohash! Will be there slightly before proper Meetup 4 PM time, and can't stick around until then.
    Geohash achieved. Arrived around 3:40, and stuck around a few minutes taking the pictures. Consecutive Geohash achievement.
  • Dec 13 2008 and Dec 14 both look pretty good to me, location-wise, out on the southeast side near Vail. I probably won't have time on Saturday, though. And the weather's iffy for Sunday, given that I'd be riding a bike. We'll see. --KarMann
  • Dec 17 2008 is only about a kilometer from the Dec 14 geohash, and similarly easy to get to. I'll be keeping an eye on the weather.
  • Apr 28 2009 is a good opportunity in the city to get a speed racer achievement, being in the southbound lane of Eastside City Hall Dr or N Fremming Dr (the street naming on the map is a bit confusing), just north of Speedway, between Pantano and Kolb.
    • If it wasn't next to a Police Substation and next to a dead end... (Also, geohash achieved by me around 7:30PM -Yert)



The Deflowering of the Tucson Graticule[edit]

EvilTaylor , amfarbs earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (32, -110) graticule, here, on 2008-08-12.