2009-06-20 32 -110

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Sat 20 Jun 2009 in Tucson:
32.1625773, -110.7251129

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Today's location landed within Saguaro National Park (East) and was about half a mile from an alternate trailhead into the park. This was nice because it avoided the $10 entry fee into the park. I had just finished a 7 mile hike on nearby Mt. Lemmon with my dog so Starr tagged along with me as an alternate to RoadRunner, who was across town. Starr did well there, but she drank as much water on this half mile in the desert heat as she did all morning. One chunk of cholla cactus got her in her foot, but she charged ahead once I got it out. Still a nice bushwhack through the natural setting with a walk up a dry streambead.

Now to call RoadRunner ...