2008-11-02 32 -110

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Sun 2 Nov 2008 in 32,-110:
32.0616062, -110.7168737

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Sunday's geohash was in the Vail, Arizona area, behind & between the subdivisions around Cienega High School. It was at the bottom of a wash, with a few dirt bike trails passing through the vicinity. However, being somewhat off those trails, and the considerable underbrush, made it somewhat of a challenge. Qualifying for MNIMB Geohash? You be the judge! Personally, I'd say it was a bit weak. But the paths down & up the wash were somewhat difficult, as was the shrubbery at the bottom. I ended up going around in circles a bit around the geohash, due to an old GPS without DGPS, which was good in that I found the clic eraser that had fallen out of my pocket last time around, and made it easier to find my bike where I'd left it in a little gully when the going got too rough.

Nocturnal raptors were heard from the geohash point, and I believe one overflew me on my way out. There was no attack, however, so I can't claim the Raptor geohash achievement... yet. On the way home, problems were encountered due to the combination of the late hour, the prolonged death of my headlight batteries, and the lack of extra batteries when I'd been leaving the house. So I did not make the return trip entirely by bicycle.


One person (around 5 PM) showed up.


KarMann earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (32, -110) geohash on 2008-11-02.
2008-11-02 32 -110 1741c.jpg
KarMann earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling to the (32, -110) geohash on 2008-11-02.
2008-11-02 32 -110 1748a.jpg