2009-10-25 32 -110

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Sun 25 Oct 2009 in Tucson:
32.7392029, -110.5315647

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50 mile drive on the highway and a 6 mile drive along a dirt road. More like a superhighway because we must have encountered over a dozen vehicles on the way in. The on-line preview of the terrain showed some up and down hiking through some sparse vegetation. The up and down looked more impressive in person and the not-so-sparse vegetation turned out to be cholla and prickly pear cactus. We still managed to pick and choose our way through it without incident and did the half mile down, up, down to get there. RoadRunner managed to find some real interesting rocks enroute.

And, once again, it took both of us to forget to bring the wine. We'll just have to double up next time.  :)