2009-03-29 32 -110

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Sun 29 Mar 2009 in Tucson:
32.6765237, -110.8240546

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Good news: there’s a road that runs along the top the underground gas line that gets us from the high way to a quarter mile off the point. Bad news: it’s gated off and we can’t drive it. But a couple miles of a hike on a dirt road was no big sneeze, especially Wyle, The Super Hiker. When we had to turn south, we followed a well beaten cattle trail in, and followed the wash to get out. We got a little nervous when the cows kept staring at us about being in their yard, especially the big ones with horns, but all and all an easy Geohash. Roadrunner Junior (who has requested we refer to him as the Clone Trooper from now on) had fun digging in the dirt. Gorgeous weather. Yummy wine. Great Day.