2011-02-20 32 -110

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Sun 20 Feb 2011 in Tucson:
32.0552236, -110.2204629

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Just off yet another dirt road



OK, RoadRunner's now getting in the habit of checking where the geohash spots are, but still needs to plan things out a wee bit more. Just printing out Google Maps doesn't quite cut it. I got some flak for plotting some waypoints for two access routes into my GPS before we headed out. "Whats taking you so long?" That was answered when we came to the first and easiest entry route, only to find "limited access; residents only" signs posted along a nice wide dirt road. So we went for option two.

About 4 miles further down the public road was a small farm road with a "please close gate" sign. Jackpot. We would have gone right past it if someone hadn't taken the time to figure out coordinate points for our alternate path in. We also came to a couple road junctions and relied on the GPS planning route to notice when we made a wrong turn and started veering off course.

We finally got as close as dirt road allowed and had to bushwhack a few hundred meters to the coordinates. After our wine celebration, we headed back out. One small drainage got the best of the TrailBlazer (or the TrailBlazer operator) when the corner of the bumper caught ground while trying to keep up some momentum through the dip. Made it out without any further problems and a $12 part at the Chevy dealer the next day had the plastic bumper connected as good as it ever was.

As MasterCard would say ...

Cheap celebration wine - $10; Bumper support rod - $12; Fun day geohashing with Roadrunner - priceless