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Sun 28 Apr 2013 in Norwich:
52.2958254, 1.4715725

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500 metres east of the water tower near Sibton Green, Suffolk, UK.




The hashpoint was beside a public footpath 500 metres east of the water tower and roadside parking place. It was a cold spring day with a penetrating breeze but many spring flowers were coming into bloom. Nice.


2013-04-28 52 1 Sourcerer 1.jpg


Expeditions and Plans

Ballarat, Australia Snaplatitude, a mcdonalds employee A private paddock in Lexton
Springfield, Massachusetts Todd A quarter mile into a forest off Harris St/Harris Mountain Rd in Granby nea...
Houghton, Michigan Twisteguy22, Shevek On the Keweenaw peninsula.
Innsbruck, Austria Waltraud, EleanorAbernathy, LeslieHapablap On a meadow in the middle of the village Thaur, opposite to the priest's of...
Frankfurt am Main, Germany QuarterCacher, LadyBB, Mampfred, EmmJay On a little strip of grass near Schmitten. Better known as "in the pampa".
London West, United Kingdom KennethCC A muddied rut at the side of a narrow country lane outside Ockham in Surrey...
Leipzig, Germany Bazaruto Small wood near Holzhausen.
Eindhoven, Netherlands Wythnir In the bushes next to a small road near Schaft.
Birmingham, United Kingdom Bollerenshaws In a farmer's field north-east of Offchurch near Leamington Spa, UK.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer 500 metres east of the water tower near Sibton Green, Suffolk, UK.
Amsterdam, Netherlands Palmpje, Murfie Langevelderslag, The Netherlands
Karlskoga, Sweden the ru, Sourcerer In a forest just outside Karlskoga.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

2013-04-17 52 1 - 2013-04-28 52 1 - 2013-05-27 52 -2 - KML file download of Sourcerer's expeditions for use with Google Earth.