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Wed 17 Apr 2013 in Norwich:
52.5891163, 1.7053953

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[edit] Location

In the car park of a company called Proserv based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

Looking at the hashpoints for Wednesday this looks really easy and only a mile or two from my work place. It's in a car park on an industrial estate so "getting lost" will be the excuse for driving there.

[edit] Expedition

At 07:45, it was still too early in the morning and the gates were locked. The hashpoint was only 20 metres away behind a tall fence and the gate.

In the afternoon, the gates were open and it was possible to drive right to the hashpoint where a new photo was taken and a message sent to the Wiki.

Although it took two attempts, this was a really easy expedition and I got to see a new part of industrial Britain's oil and gas industries.

[edit] Photos

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[edit] Sourcerer's Expedition Links

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