2013-04-28 42 -72

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Sun 28 Apr 2013 in 42,-72:
42.2958254, -72.4715725

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A quarter mile into a forest off Harris St/Harris Mountain Rd in Granby near the point where the town line meets with the Amherst/Belchertown line.




Todd set off from home by bike, planning a 25 mile round trip bike ride and hike. All went well until he arrived at the point on Harris St that was nearest the geohash. The side of the road was mostly lined with no trespassing signs, with gaps where there were houses. There was one promising entry point where an old two track trail, long overgrown, entered the woods in just the right spot, but this had a no trespassing sign on one side of it (though it was also marked as a conservation area -- not mutually exclusive) and he thought the better of it and turned back home.

On the ride home his tire seemed a little soft, and he felt like his legs were cramping up and slowing him down. When he arrived home he found that his tire was almost completely flat -- he could squeeze it together with his hand! He considered his trip a success as this was a personal record riding distance and included a significant ride uphill to the hash, which was near the end of the holyoke mountain range.


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