2013-04-28 -37 143

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Sun 28 Apr 2013 in -37,143:
-37.2958254, 143.4715725

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A private paddock in Lexton



Me and Mr Maccas made our way straight to Lexton, I know the route fairly well. When we got there we screwed around a bit in the dark, because he didn't turn on his android geohashing app til we got to Lexton there was no reception, so there was about 20 minutes of driving aroud looking for signal. Eventually we found a spot where he had one bar, and surprisingly enough it was relatively close to where we were headed. Once we got further out and closer our hearts lifted because the hash looked like being in a public forest. As we continued on through the trees we saw some "no standing" street-signs. Incredibly out of place, to this day I don't know why they were there. Just beside a paddock of farmland, and within the paddock... The hash. Another damn no trespassing failure after an hour of driving :(


Yet another notch in my Posted Achievement for getting 100 no trespassing failures.