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Sun 28 Apr 2013 in 52,4:
52.2958254, 4.4715725

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Langevelderslag, The Netherlands



  • I'll go there somewhere around noon and hope it's not in a restricted area (dunes). Murfie (talk)
  • Heading out there now (12:45, eta 13:10?) it may even be on the NORA (military radio station terrain), we'll see. Palmpje (talk)


Palmpje's story[edit]

I jumped on my bicycle at 12:45. As Murfie announced that he would be there around noon I did not expect to meet anyone. There were plenty of people on the beach with the sunny weather, though there was a cold wind. Approaching the hash point I saw someone even closer, but before I was near enough he left again. Had a hunch it was Murfie.... but I proceeded to the barb-wire fence that marks the coastal defence zone and registered yet another 76m to go.

I walked back to my bicycle and decided to try the path on the land side of the first dunes and there.... was that guy again. Yes, it was Murfie. We had a short chat but I wanted to be on time for the football (read: soccer) match at 14:00 so had to leave.

(By the way: did I mention the tower?)

In line with this hash, the football was no success either. The home team lost and are still not safe from falling out of the Dutch top amateur league.

Murfie's story[edit]

I left around noon, took a sightseeing route through the flowerbulb fields and parked about 1.5km from the geohash.

From there, I walked through the 'Hollands Duin' in the direction of the sea. I entered an area, that when you look it up in google maps, you will see it is pixelated. This is because of the presence of an ultra secret military target (http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Nora). There are quite some bunkers and there is a large antenna that more or less exactly fails to please the eye.

When I reached the sea, I washed my shoes in the salty water and stepped into the sand along the coast in the direction of the geohash. After 500m, the problem I feared became reality. The geohash was located in the middle of the dunes and they are fenced. It was about 90m behind the fence, so at first sight it was unreachable.

However, I knew there was a road on the other side of the dune that might gave better access to the spot. So I walked another km to get to the Langevelderslag boulevard. I greeted a motorcycle gang, found a submarine escape pod (?) and walked the path on the other side of the dune. When I was at the level of the geohash, I saw to my disappointment that I would definately give up on this one. It was still around 170m and it was all fenced.

For a moment I was considering creeping through the spiky wires, and then I was surprised by palmpje showing up! We had a quick chat and decided this geohash is unreachable.



  • Murfie's pictures
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Palmpje and Murfie earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (76 meter) reaching the (52, 4) geohash on 2013-04-28.
2013 04 28 52 4 Rijnland.JPG