Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan), Israel

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Mediterranean Sea Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan) Haifa East
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Today's Location: [Tel-Aviv, Israel]

The graticule (32,34) is mostly water (~7/8 water) so most of the times it hits in the sea. The graticule contains all of Tel-Aviv, its satellite towns, more than half of Haifa and all of the sea shore in between.

Recent Non-water Hits[edit]

  • June 20: Technically a water hit, but if you've got a boat it's 5km off the coast of Herzilya Pituach.
  • June 23: In fields just west of route 4 between Tzomet Ruppin and Tzomet Hasharon.
  • June 24: In Ofer Forest, across Route 4 from Megadim.

Past Expeditions[edit]

2008-06-05 32 34: First documented attempt at an expedition in this graticule.

2009-04-13 32 34: Yerushalmi and his wife didn't even try to reach the hashpoint, but somehow came close anyway.

2009-06-18 32 34: What's the opposite of a retrohash? Yerushalmi tried for and didn't quite succeed in getting a Puppet Master Geohash.

2009-12-29 32 34: Yerushalmi and his wife went for the geohash even though they knew in advance they couldn't come close.

2012-11-01 32 34: Omri and Tal get lost at Petah Tikva and the fields north of it, probably arriving at the hashpoint after many long hours of walk.

1995-11-22 32 34: Omri's origin hash to Ramat Ef'al by bike- taken on 8th of December, 2012.

2012-12-14 32 34: Omri bikes to a primary school in El'ad through Yehud and the Moshavim.

2013-01-27 32 34: Omri with a lucky hashpoint in Holon, at a driveway at Jessie Cohen neighborhood.

2018-01-17 32 34 Yosef was in a wheat field in Darom HaSharon.

2018-04-24 32 34 Yosef was in an orange Grove near Kfar Warburg

2019-04-05 32 34: Fippe was in bushes near the Highway 2 at the border of Netanya with Udim.



LiNaK earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (32, 34) graticule, here, on 2012-11-01.