Beersheba, Israel

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Mediterranean Sea Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan) Haifa East
Al `Arīsh, Egypt Beersheba Jerusalem
30,33 Mitzpe Ramon Aţ Ţafīlah, Jordan

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This graticule is located at (31,34), and covers the southern part of the coast of Israel, with Beersheba in the south and ending just short of the Tel Aviv airport in the north. It also contains the complete Gaza Strip, as well as an Egyptian corner and parts of the West Bank.

For general information about Israeli geohashing, see the Israel page.


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Past expeditions[edit]

2009-03-17 31 34: Yerushalmi and his wife successfully reached the hash point in Kfar Truman.

2009-04-10 31 34: Yerushalmi and his wife reached the hash point near Kfar Bin Nun.

2009-06-24 31 34: Rachel was unsuccessful but tried really hard to reach Beit Jamal

2009-07-17 31 34: Rachel and Adam have successfully reached the hash point in Beit Shemesh.

2009-08-16 31 34: Yerushalmi and his wife reached the hash point in Rehovot.

2011-05-29 31 34: pseudoDust successful hash near Kiryat Gat.

2012-07-17 31 34: LiNaK, Tal and Lilac, three brave new geohashers, discover Israeli public transport and eat pizza at the city of Asdod.

2012-08-16 31 34: LinaK and Tal go GPS-free to a successful hash in front of an Ulpena at Askelon.

2012-10-24 31 34: thetreeman attempts his first geohash, but the coordinates lack public access.

2013-09-19 31 34: LinaK and Maoz reach a successful hash at an empty field in Lachish.

2014-02-18 31 34: Aya, Yael and LinaK Time Wrap their way to a park on the edge of Rishon LeZion.

See Yosef for 2017-18

2018-07-15 31 34 Dubdub and Jordy were in Rehovot


Yerushalmi earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (31, 34) graticule, here, on 2009-03-17.
Geohashing 2009 03 17 Wall of shul.jpg