2009-04-13 32 34

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Mon 13 Apr 2009 in Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan):
32.0737580, 34.8411838

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Today's hash point fell in a house on the side of Kushnir Street in the city of Bnei Brak.


We looked at the hashpoint several times over the course of the weekend, and eventually decided it was too far out of the way to visit.

Expedition (Yerushalmi)[edit]

Little did we know that we were to end up in Bnei Brak late tonight (at around 9:45pm). But since we didn't have any idea we were going there, I didn't remember where the hashpoint was! Upon getting home, we discovered that in our drive through the city we had been on Rav Kahaneman Street, less than 70 meters from the point. Oh well.