Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan), Israel

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Mediterranean Sea Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan) Haifa East
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Today's Location: [Tel-Aviv, Israel]

The graticule (32,34) is mostly water (~7/8 water) so most of the times it hits in the sea. The graticule contains all of Tel-Aviv, its satellite towns, more than half of Haifa and all of the sea shore in between.

Recent Non-water Hits[edit]

  • June 20: Technically a water hit, but if you've got a boat it's 5km off the coast of Herzilya Pituach.
  • June 23: In fields just west of route 4 between Tzomet Ruppin and Tzomet Hasharon.
  • June 24: In Ofer Forest, across Route 4 from Megadim.

Past Expeditions[edit]

2008-06-05 32 34: First documented attempt at an expedition in this graticule.

2009-04-13 32 34: Yerushalmi and his wife didn't even try to reach the hashpoint, but somehow came close anyway.

2009-06-18 32 34: What's the opposite of a retrohash? Yerushalmi tried for and didn't quite succeed in getting a Puppet Master Geohash.

2009-12-29 32 34: Yerushalmi and his wife went for the geohash even though they knew in advance they couldn't come close.

2012-11-01 32 34: Omri and Tal get lost at Petah Tikva and the fields north of it, probably arriving at the hashpoint after many long hours of walk.

1995-11-22 32 34: Omri's origin hash to Ramat Ef'al by bike- taken on 8th of December, 2012.

2012-12-14 32 34: Omri bikes to a primary school in El'ad through Yehud and the Moshavim.

2013-01-27 32 34: Omri with a lucky hashpoint in Holon, at a driveway at Jessie Cohen neighborhood.

2018-01-17 32 34 Yosef was in a wheat field in Darom HaSharon.

2018-04-24 32 34 Yosef was in an orange Grove near Kfar Warburg



LiNaK earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (32, 34) graticule, here, on 2012-11-01.