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I've lived in Israel after moving from Chicago in 2010. Like many Israelis I'm Shomer Shabbat so Saturday meetups likely won't happen. Let's meet up.

2017-06-23 31 34 A field near Kfar Aviv

2017-07-10 31 35 Failure to enter a construction site next to Beitar Ilit

2017-07-16 31 34 In a watermelon field between Mazkeret Batya and Yad Binyamin

2017-07-25 31 35 A forest near Nebi Samuel, West Bank, Israel

2017-07-27 31 35 Forest on Har HaRuach near Nataf, Israel

2017-08-17 42 -88 Failure to reach a farm in Slades Corners, Wisconsin

2017-08-20 42 -87 PROTEST!!! Next morning geohash in Gurnee, Illinois

2017-09-14 31 35 Beit Hoglah, West Bank, Israel, 337 meters below sea level

2017-09-25 31 34 An orange field near Yesodot, Israel.

2017-10-07 31 34 Retro-hash near Be'eri

2017-10-16 31 35 Failed geohash near the Abdullah bridge in Israel. No trespassing.

2017-10-24 31 35 Desert near Kalya, West Bank, Israel 348 meters below sea level

2017-11-13 31 34 Forest near the Brosh Industrial Area.

2017-11-15 31 35 Rocky field with trees south of Nili, Israel

9 successes - 5 non-success including two retro-hashes and three failures

3 farm, 4 forest, 2 desert

5 in '48 Israel, 4 in Judea and Samaria

4 in Beersheba, Israel, 5 in Jerusalem, Israel

Hashing on Shabbat[edit]

Okay, so most people here haven't heard of Jewish Sabbath observance which is described in several places in the Bible (including Exodus 31:16) and throughout Jewish literature. As they say in America: "Read your Bible!". Then they realize that the Bible isn't very explicit on what you're supposed to do so they either get bored and go to a pub or open up the Shulchan Aruch.

A few of the many ground rules:

Shabbat starts 18 minutes before sunset on Friday until dusk on Saturday.
No traveling more than one kilometer outside of your settlement/city.
No burning fires: that includes operating electrical devices or burning the gasoline in your car.
No carrying outside of an enclosed area.


Geohashing Saturday night after Shabbat, but that's kind of boring and the dark might scare my wife.
I need a place to sleep with my wife within one kilometer of the hashpoint.
At the point we need: a ready fire, a reasonably large area fenced off with string, and enough food for the whole day. We probably also need a place to sleep which could be our tent.
Most importantly my wife has to agree to come.

Discussion of the Protest Hash[edit]

I personally believe that there should be a hash point in every graticule at all hours of the day. However, I will not change existing conventions in the rule and fork our insanely small community. Hopefully the community will come to a quick consensus on how to cleanly change the rule so that the developers can update the tools and there will always be a hash in every graticule.

Inventory of Tools[edit]

I've decided to take an inventory of the tools that we use so that in the event of an algorithm update we'll have everything ready. Here is the list that I'm aware of. Please add to this list on my page. It is very important that we know who the developer is and whether or not he is active:

Tools that must be updated:

Tools that don't need updating: (for Israel)