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Sun 27 Jan 2013 in 32,34:
32.0019452, 34.7673281

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Holon, a building between Livyatan Street and Yosef Aharonovich Street, Jessi Cohen neighborhood.


Omri (LinaK)


A very luckily placed hash, as I already had to visit Holon this week for a rehearsal (a very cheap production of Shock Treatment, thanks for asking), so I've scheduled it to Sunday and planned on taking Lilac (who's on the production anyway) and Tal (who could just come to watch). Again, they both cancelled on the last minute (seriously guys?! Again?).


Packed a camera and a list of all the bus numbers and street names I'll need to remember with me to school and right after it ended I (went to buy some Bourekases for later in the close bakery and then)took the bus from Kiryat Ono to Ma'ariv bridge in Tel Aviv, from which I took another bus to Jessi Cohen neighborhood. This hash was also lucky because it was right next to the bus stop.

Since this week Google Street View covers most of Israel so geohashing just became a little easier, especially when not using a GPS device on most trips. Anyway, from both the satellite image and the Street View I estimated the point to be somewhere around the building's driveway, where I sat down to eat the Bourekases and make the XKCD marker out of sticks from the nearby trees.

By the way, Holon is a really fun city (compared to its neighbors) in lots of fun little ways. The street signs also explain what the streets are named after (sometimes with ridiculously looking outcomes, see images) and it also has a small public park called Shmolikkipod Garden, named after the hedgehog from the childrens' book).

While I was taking pictures of the park's name I missed the bus that was supposed to take me to the rehearsal, so while waiting for the next one I had some time to create another XKCD marker from leafs before going on to my rehearsal.