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Thu 18 Jun 2009 in Tel-Aviv (Goosh Dan):
32.6137513, 34.9245909

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Today's hash fell out on a street in Kibbutz Nahsholim.


The planning phase of this expedition consists entirely of the following letter sent to the secretariat of the kibbutz:

(the wiki seems to wreak havoc with the formatting of the letter, particular in places where an English word appears in the middle and sends parts of each line flying out of order. If anybody knows how to fix it, I'd appreciate it)


אני משתתף במשחק בו כל יום מקבלים "נקודה" אקראית בארץ -- המטרה היא ללכת לנקודה ההיא באותו היום ולצלם אותה. רוב הזמן הנקודה יוצאת במקומות לא ריאליים, כגון באמצע המדבר או בשדות פרטיות. אך היום (ה-18 ליוני) הנקודה נמצאת על רחוב בקיבוץ שלכם, במקום קל לזהות אפילו בלי מערכת GPS.

לצערי הרב, דווקא ביום בו הנקודה כל-כך נגישה, אני יותר מדי עסוק מלהגיע! במיוחד בגלל המרחק בין קיבוץ נחשולים וירושלים...

אני יודע מראש שזאת בקשה מוזרה, אך רציתי לשאול אם תוכלו לעזור לי -- לשלוח מישהו לנקודה, לצלם אותו, ולשלוח לי את התמונה באי-מייל. ע"פ כללי המשחק זה לא נחשב כהצלחה מלאה (שרק מקבלים אם הלכתי עצמי), אבל זה עדיין משהו. כמובן, חייבים לצלם אותה לפני חצות הלילה או זה לא נחשב.

הנקודה נמצאת בדיוק פה: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=iw&geocode=&q=32.613751%C2%B0,+34.92459%C2%B0&ie=UTF8&ll=32.613632,34.923702&spn=0.002838,0.009667&t=h&z=17

אני ממש מקווה שתוכלו לעזור לי.

תודה רבה,


A translation:


I'm participating in a game in which each day we receive a random "point" somewhere in the country -- the goal is to go to that point on that day and photograph it. Most of the time the point lands in unrealistic places, such as in the middle of the desert or in private fields. But today (June 18) the point landed on one of the roads in your kibbutz, an easy place to reach even without a GPS system.

Unfortunately, davka on the day the point is so accessible, I'm too busy to get there! Expecially because of the sheer distance between Kibbutz Nahsholim and Jerusalem.

I know that this is a strange request, but I wanted to ask if you could help me -- to send somebody to the point, photograph it, and send me the photograph via email. Under the rules of the game, it won't be considered a complete success (I only get that if I go there myself) but it's still something. Of course, the photograph needs to be taken before midnight or it doesn't count.

The point is found here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=iw&geocode=&q=32.613751%C2%B0,+34.92459%C2%B0&ie=UTF8&ll=32.613632,34.923702&spn=0.002838,0.009667&t=h&z=17

I really hope you can help me.



Expedition (Yerushalmi)[edit]

I received an email in response about an hour later. It contained the photograph that will be uploaded to the gallery as soon as I'm done typing this, as well as an explanation that the photograph was taken over three years ago (five according to the picture's metadata) and is approximately 50 meters north of the hashpoint. So it's not enough to actually get the Puppet Master Achievement, but it was a good try -- I suppose the anal requirements involved in getting a successful geohash are a bit difficult to explain in a foreign language by email to somebody you've never met...

In any case, many many thanks to Zohar Shachar of Kibbutz Nahsholim for trying! :)

Photo gallery[edit]


Is it true that Yerushalmi earned the Puppet Master Geohash?
In principle, yes.
But nobody actually went to the hashpoint to take the picture.
Also, the picture was from five years ago.
Also, the picture was 50 meters away from the hashpoint. (2009-06-18 32 34).