2008-06-24 47 -121

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Tue 24 Jun 2008 in Snoqualmie:
47.8443138, -121.7292753

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Just off Highway 2 near Gold Bar, and darn close ... hey, wait a minute. This geohash is 1.965 miles west of the previous one in the same graticule!




No Zeke's this time. I drove to Sultan then south on the the access road, up to this point. As Indiana Jones said, "We walk from here".

Walked (and jogged - I was a little past 4:00) roughy a mile down a road also used by many horses. I got close to the spot, then had to go cross country. Brambles, thorns, and stickers weren't going to stop me this time, and no kids to worry about.

Overall, a very pretty scene. On the way back out, I saw more horses and took a better picture of the gate. Once I got back to the car, I staunched the major bleeding and drove to my baseball game. Success!