2008-06-19 47 -121

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Thu 19 Jun 2008 in Snoqualmie:
47.8445014, -121.6869165

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Just off Highway 2 near Gold Bar, and darn close to Zeke's. Satellite isn't real useful - I hope this one isn't in somebody's back yard again.




I got to Zeke's a little late, about 3:20. The chocolate shake was excellent, as always. Didn't see anybody else there, so I headed down towards the spot.

I ended up parked in a driveway about 25' west of the spot, with the permission of the homeowner. The field to the west had a high fence and barbed wire, and it started to rain quite hard, so I took photos and then headed home.

Addendum: I did go east to the fence and lean on it before the rain came, just after chatting with the owner of the driveway. Measuring my progress now, I see that I was 7.7 meters away from the actual spot while in the car. If not for the downpour, I could have leaned my hand over the fence into the geohash point! Therefore, I am calling this a success, and modifying statistics appropriately.