2008-10-13 47 -121

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Mon 13 Oct 2008 in Snoqualmie:
47.6829972, -121.8663365

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No good satellite data, so this one is a complete unknown. Sounds like fun!




Not too far from the office and not too far from the road. Driving down there, the first sign I saw was this one:

The rain then started coming down harder, and I could tell Mother Nature was ready for me. More signs indicating the road was somewhat private, somewhat unpaved, and finally it was time to park.

The forest was thick with moss and undergrowth. The google map "road" wasn't too near the real "road", adding to the distance to travel. I found an overgrown road-let, blocked by the occasional fallen tree, but couldn't get much closer following that. Time to call this one a bust and get back to civilization, not to mention dry clothes.

No, I never spotted a bear. Seems like the wildest animal any geohasher has seen yet is a beaver.